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I have developed and tried enough cases and gained enough experience to take and pass the very difficult Board Certification examinations for Personal Injury Trial Law and Civil Trial Law. This gives me insights that assist me in mediating cases.

I am also skilled in developing and trying fraud, breach of contract, tortious interference and many other kinds of cases in Texas.

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18 Wheeler and other commercial vehicle wrecks are becoming more and more frequent. Some of these accidents are caused by defective products, but most are the result of driver negligence. People cannot seem to grasp the fact that you cannot text and drive.

I have a great deal of experience, skill and knowledge with respect to 18 wheeler and other commercial vehicle lawsuits. I have handled them with much success.

Industrial accidents may be caused by a defective product, a defective process design, negligent operation or maintenance of one or more processes or many other reasons.

I am familiar with lawsuits against chemical companies and toxic exposure cases.

I have also handled mass tort lawsuits including one case with more than 3,160 exposure victims.

I am also familiar with cases in which one or more worker was injured or killed by defective producs.

I was asked to and did publish a Chapter in a national law treatise aimed at educating trial lawyers interested in representing workers injured or killed in chemical plants. The treatise was titled Civil Trial Practice: Techniques of Winning Trial Attorneys.

I also authored Chapter 41: "Hazardous Chemicals and OSHA - Evidence Today and Tomorrow." My Chapter dealt with complex evidence, current and future.

This knowledge does not come easy, so don't you think you owe it to your clients to mediate with a Mediator who has also been there! http:// http://
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Occupational injuries and injuries caused by defective products often occur in chemical plants

Contracts, Fraud, Conversion, Tortious Interference

defective products cause occupational injuries


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Hurricane Harvey


The drilling for oil race is on in Texas and other oil producing States.

In addition to the excessive number of commercial vehicle accidents in South Texas, the State it also being overrun by oil companies who care very little about their hard working employees, but a lot for the fruits of their labor.

My knowledge and experience with OSHA, producty liability litigation and handling occupational injury and death cases has greatly benefitted my clients.

I represent clients who have suffered serious personal injuries. I represent the families of people whose deaths were caused by defective products, negligence and gross negligence.

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